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Aromatherapy Recipes December 9, 2011

Essential oils enrich my live in many ways it’s time to share with you some of my own blends that I love and use daily for many years. As time passes I will add more recipes. 


Sensual Deodorant

I use this Sandalwood deodorant for many years with success. The more you sweat the better you smell. Sandalwood oil’s sultry smell has an erotic quality that has earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac so you know… this one makes me feel very sexy. Besides that Sandalwood neutralizes the toxins coming out of your body.

2/5 80 proof Vodka

2/5 rose hydrosol

1/5 sandalwood essential

Blend all above in a roll-on bottle and shake every time before use.

Facial Toner

Witchhazel and Fennel Essential Oil

Use 5 drops of fennel essential oil per 1oz of Witchhazel. Apply on face with cotton pad and let dry for a few minutes before you apply your facial oil or lotion. You will experience a tightening and lifting of your face… I love it!

Women have taken fennel for thousands of years because of its toning and revitalizing effects.

Facial Exfoliating Cleanser

This cleanser is used to exfoliate the skin, unplug pores and leave your skin looking fresh and dewy as the dead layers of cells are sloughed off. I use this one every night.

1/3 Bath and shower gel

1/3 jojoba oil

1/3 or a bit less, mix of 2/3 pumice fine and  1/3pumice medium

5 drops basil essential oil per ounce

some honey (optional).

Basil essential oil is excellent for this type of scrub, as it lifts graying cells and enlivens the skin tone.

Add 2 or 3 tumbled small amethyst stones to aid mixing the blend. As it settles the pumice will sink to the bottom and the whole mixture needs to be shaken up before use.

Amethyst helps to heal skin conditions and encourages the reabsorption of water.


½ 80 proof Vodka

½ water

5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and 2 drops of Peppermint 2 drops of Clove essential oil per 8oz of combination above.

In the 1920s, dentists and surgeons began using tea tree oil to disinfect wounds and incisions. It became a customary dental treatment for bleeding gums, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Peppermint adds a refreshing punch to this mouthwash.

Natural Lip Balm

White beeswax –        1 ounce

Sweet almond oil –     6 tablespoons

Jojoba oil –              5 tablespoons

Carrot oil –                5 drops

Vitamin E –                2 drops

Mix of essential oils –  20 drops

Ancient Amber Perfume

I tried to recreate Amber and the result is a very satisfying mystical scent that won’t cost you a fortune. Smelling it sets me back into one of my past lives in the old world were magic was one of the common things in live. All of the ingredients below are pure essential oils which you double with 80 proof Vodka.  Aging the blend will acquire smoothness and expressiveness. The alcohol aids as a fixative and to stretch out the blend. It will evaporate quickly, contributing a cooling effect. This blend will give you about 1/16 ounce that will be good enough for a little tryout.

10 drops Rosewood

4 drops   Myrrh

4 drops   Tonka

4 drops   Bezoin

3 drops   Frankincense

2 drops   Cedarwood

2 drops   Orange

1 drop     Vetiver


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  1. lindageez Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
    Love and Peace!

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